by philkingblog

Mark Cuban is one of those rare individuals who seems to be able to cut through all the bullshit in the world and illuminate truths. He breathes authenticity. Every time I see him, I think that he simply cannot be anybody or anything else but himself. At times he comes off as a billionaire cad. He is a billionaire cad, and that is all he can be, I believe, in spite of any effort he may give (my guess as to the actual effort is zero). One can only respect a person who, in spite of himself, is himself. He is sure of himself, and yet he makes no effort to convince one to be sure of him. Maybe it’s all an act, and a very good one it would be. But I’m a believer.

His most recent (re)post from 2004(!) about the financial markets seems near prophetic going on nine years later. Whether you don’t even know how to spell ‘stock’ or consider yourself to be a ‘master of the universe’ you should indulge.

Authenticity (Blog Maverick)

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